Cringe at the title, I’m rusty. It’s been years since my last post!

Hello! Everyone who has been reading my blog even though it has been dormant for a long time, thank you. I’ve been concentrating on work and building up a new blog that I’ve been neglecting my baby for a long time. Not that I expect any one is actually looking out for a new blog post from @foodmetromanila, but if you were today’s your lucky day! I’m back to posting once a week (at least that’s the plan).

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This location used to be a Pizza Hut, right?

I ask everyone a question: what would you put in your perfect bowl of hot noodle soup? Shrimp? Squid? Scallop? How about a heaping amount of beef? Go Surf n’ Turf? All veg? Squid balls? Chorizo perhaps? If you’re like me and you want to add all of those, plus have the option to choose the noodle you want, then you have to try SOUPer Hot! (that’s how the name is stylized on the location in IG).

#foodmetromanila #souperhot #spicynoodles
Vibrant Colors, yes?

To be honest, when I first saw the sign (SOUPER HOT) when the place was still under construction, I thought it was a bad gimmick. But then I saw a post on Instagram explaining the concept:

  • You choose whatever toppings and noodles you want;
  • You have it weighed. Each gram is equivalent to one peso for the overall price of the bowl;
  • You choose what broth you want; and
  • You slurp away on your (almost) perfect bowl of hot noodle soup

All the ingredients are displayed on a wall on one side of the restaurant. It’s arranged fairly well. All the raw things are together, the noodles take up a whole row as well as all the veg, there’s a section full of fish/squid balls (even lobster balls), there’s a selection of fresh mushroom, and yes, there’s chorizo.

#foodmetromanila #souperhot #tinimbangkangunitsobra
One peso per gram. They subtract the weight of the bowl.

#foodmetromanila #souperhot #spicynoodles #sendnoods

I’ve tried it three times: The first two by myself, the third time I was with my wife. Oh, BTW old readers of the blog, Haziel’s not my girlfriend anymore – she’s my wife! All three times I’ve tried the number 4 spicy soup. It ranges from one (no spice at all) to seven (numbing) but don’t worry much about the spice level because you can adjust it on your own. My advice for the broth: it tastes better with hot oil (chili oil), black vinegar, garlic paste, and add some chopped chives on top. They also have the “numbing” paste available on the condiments section but that, that sounds sinister.

You also get a free cup of rice for every order but you can opt not to have it. You can also get a broth refill for free, once. The third time, you’ll have to pay extra.

It’s a nice concept, kind of like shabu-shabu but more affordable. My only qualm about SOUPer Hot (seriously, am I spelling that wrong?) is that the restaurant itself is too small and has no rest room – but it does have a wash area. However, aside from that, I think this restaurant is awesome. Oh, it’s open until 2 am!

#foodmetromanila #souperhot #sendnoods

The Araneta Center is a bit notorious for being rife with fast food and chain restaurants, but there are a few gems in here. This is a new one and I have loved it so far!

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