So yeah, we’re still in the midst of a pandemic by the time of this post’s writing. Some things we’ve always thought would be impossible to happen were suddenly possible within a few months such as: companies who didn’t think can function with their workforce working from home can indeed function with their workforce working from home; and Ramen Yushoken/Mendokoro Ramenba allowed their ramen for takeaway and home deliveries.

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To be fair, it was a properly wide bowl

It started out only being available within certain cities in Metro Manila but recently has been extended and even includes some cities/municipalities just outside of Metro Manila, which of course included Cainta since most of used technically live in Metro Manila anyway and just slept in Cainta (that’s a narrative about the horrendous traffic to and from our town). Having been made aware of this by my amazing wife, we immediately jumped on the chance of finally enjoying our favorite ramen at home.

Ordering was easy enough: you fill out a form linked in Yushoken/Medokoro’s socials (here and here) and you wait for a confirmation call; After they’ve confirmed your order, which includes when you prefer for the food to be delivered, your total bill is confirmed; They send a message to you before they deliver your order to remind you it’s coming, especially since the only payment option for delivery is COD; You get your order, you follow “cooking” instructions, and you enjoy authentic Yushoken/Mendokoro Ramen at home.

#foodmetromanila #mendokororamenba #ramenyushoken
This is your kit, complete with proper labels (including a consume before date) and “cooking” instructions

Your order will come as a kit, packed in a coated paper takeaway bowl that will be ample to eat out of if you don’t have large enough bowls at home. All ingredients are packed in a way to keep the flavor from each ingredient apart until you “cook” the ramen at home. The noodles and soup base are individually packed, the toppings are packed together in a bag meant to be dunked in boiling water, and if your order of choice comes with some oil/sauce for drizzling then that would be in it’s own packet.

#foodmetromanila #mendokororamenba #ramenyushoken #superchashu
Yes, people, the Super Chashu still looks as lovely as ever
#foodmetromanila #ramenkit
You know, I’ve noticed some levels in the taste of the broth that I have never noticed before. It’s good, just made it more interesting

They provide instructions on how to re-heat everything. It’s not too difficult but does require some work compared to just cooking a bag of instant noodles, or just waiting for it to arrive to your table. To give you an idea, you cook the noodles separately from the soup, and then you also have to reheat the toppings before assembling the bowl. Now, if you’ve watched any ramen cooking videos on Youtube, you more or less already know the process of assembling a bowl of Ramen. Will it be as pretty as the ones you get in the restaurants? No, of course not, but at least you would get that familiar delicious taste that only Yushoken/Mendokor can deliver (pun not intented). If you haven’t had it as long as we’ve had, you might just be on the verge of tears when you take that first sip of the broth.

Now it wouldn’t be fair to nitpick on some of the ingredients not being as good as how you remember them from before – it’s takeaway and also there’s a percentage of it that’s because of how you “cooked”/reheated them. I’m just here to tell you it’s good enough while you’re still trying to practice social distancing for the sake of not just yourself but everybody else around you. It will also make you dream about getting the full experience in store again, which should make that moment one of the best you’ve ever had food wise.

#foodmetromanila #mendokororamenba #superchashuramen
I mean just look at this beauty

We ordered a couple of Super Chashu Ramens (another thing we’ve found out during quarantine, Yushoken/Mendokoro finally claimed it as a regular part of their menu) and a Tokusei Tsukemen – the latter because of course I had to. They also offer some of their amazing side-dishes but if you also want to try more affordable but still good gyoza, and you’re in the Cainta area, then you can check out the Gyoza in this post.

All in all, it feels good to get your favorite ramen right at home, and assembling the bowl yourself also somehhow makes it even more satisfying. Truly, Yushoken/Mendokoro is still the House of the Ramen Champions in the Metro and I cannot wait to finally feel safe enough to get served their perfect bowls in store again.

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