Soga Miga at the Molito Complex
Soga Miga at the Molito Complex

A quaint Korean restaurant tucked in a corner of the Molito Complex in Alabang. If not for this big sign, it can be a hard time trying to find Soga Miga amidst all the other restaurants located in this area.

The first thing I noticed when I entered was that there were a lot of Koreans eating here. Must really be a place that reminds them of the fares they get in their homeland.

Okay. Now the food!

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They start you off by giving these sort-of sampler starters/appetizers that are free and (I just heard, don’t quote me on this) are unlimited. Our table barely touched them except for the seafood pancake bits which, by the way, are very tasty.

Gunmandu Pan Fried Dumplings

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A popular one in Soga Miga. These are huge dumplings! Almost empanada like but thinner. Bite into one and you get a taste of this savory filling of minced meat and herbs that is so tasty. It’s so good you can order a couple of batches of these and they can be your dinner right there. I swear, they are so good.

Dolsot Bibimbap

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Why do I always order Bibimbap? Because it’s so colorful and pretty

I personally always have to try the Bibimbap whenever I am in a Korean restaurant (always). This one is served with their red rice (which they generously give out with every dish you order), topped with really fresh veggies (look at how vibrant those vegetable colors are!) and meat. That is something you seldom see in Metro Manila, even at some pricey locales.

However, I did find the dish a bit bland in taste. But when I paired it with the gunmandu it actually worked. I guess that’s their strategy for a cheapskate like me to buy more than one dish.

Spicy Beef Soul with Clear Noodles (I forgot the Korean name of the dish, I’m sorry 😞)

Fire! Fire! Fire!
Fire! Fire! Fire!

I’ve come to my own biased conclusion that when you see anything red in your Korean dish, it’s going to burn your taste buds. Just look at that deep crimson of a broth! It’s almost macabre.

This was what my friend had and she barely got through halfway of eating this spicy concoction. I tried some and had to take a huge gulp of water after. But when you actually get around the heat (if you can, try it at your own risk), there is really good flavor in there.


We didn’t try their grill or their soup that you cook in your table, we were in a hurry to get back to the office, so please don’t bash me for not going that route. Overall, it was a good experience. Save for the bibimbap, all dishes we ordered were packed with intense flavor (some even with intense heat). I did appreciate them serving us fresh ingredients. Whenever you’re in the Alabang area, go check this place out or any of the other awesome places in the Molito complex. I’ll feature some other place here in the future.

Really? You're still here?
Really? You’re still here?

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Have a nice day!

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