You beautiful people using Instagram and sharing foodies with the hashtag #FoodMetroManila or tagging @FoodMetroManila have really made me happy. I may not have that big of a following as other food blogs but the fact that you’re using my humble (and long) hashtag warms my heart. So, to say thank you I have shared some of the great pictures for 2016 so far here in my little food blog. Thank you for supporting @FoodMetroManila and hope to see more of your awesome food pics! Cheers!


Perfect for the current heat wave


Look at that succulent shrimp!


Ice cream and waffles? Yes please.


I don’t always eat salads, but the colors on this wrap may convert me yet


She just wants to remind everyone that yes, she eats a lot. A LOT.


My love for coffee is well known but I won’t resist a chance for tea if the setting was this beautiful.

While we’re at the subject of @meekhil, how about these scrumptious souffles?Β


To cap this short post off, of course, coffee.

Thank you for using #FoodMetroManila in your posts, you awesome people! See you around Metro Manila!

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