Eastwood Citywalk 1, Libis, Quezon City
Eastwood Citywalk 1, Libis, Quezon City (where Serye used to be)

Other coffee places visited by FoodMetroManila (they are a lot):

I love, no, I’m addicted to coffee! Don’t know Jack about coffee grading, tasting, nor making. I just know I love drinking the stuff. A very hot Americano from Starbucks during the work week for a quick pick me up and a warm and smooth Latte or Flat White (you can make a case that they’re the same anyway) from the nearest third wave shop on lazy weekends. Heck I even love just the smell of a fresh cup!

A Union Jack couch. Why?
A Union Jack couch. Why?

Costa Coffee is recognized as the second largest coffee chain in the world, next only to the behemoth that is Starbucks. It originated from Great Britain and has been steadily increasing its size in recent years. Parent company Whitbread announced in September 2014 that it was partnering with a local conglomerate to enter the coffee crazy Philippine market.

Several blogs helped create a buzz for Costa Coffee and it finally opened to the Public on June 29. The place was still packed on a rainy Sunday afternoon almost one month later. Haziel and I ate dinner somewhere else and went around the Eastwood mall and finally the people in Costa Coffee had dwindled. We don’t like being in places with a lot of people in it. Besides, I want a relaxing atmosphere in a coffee shop not a place full of groups of boisterous people laughing the day away.

They notice somebody taking a picture of them! Hello! :)
They notice somebody taking a picture of them! Hello! 🙂


I was actually just thinking of getting a cuppa, maybe some desserts, talk for a bit with Haziel and then get out of there. But the atmosphere was so chill (especially after they turned the AC on in our area) that we ended up talking for about an hour. The music was kind of good too, all British music. The range of genre was really mixed up though. One minute they were playing One Direction’s “Best Song Ever” the next it was the Beatles with “Come Together”. Or is it?

Yes, they are
Yes, they are


Atmosphere, when devoid of people in the late hours, is what I want from a coffee place. Baristas are polite and cheerful. Pretty good so far. But what about the coffee?

Sinful Chocolate Cake 

A hell of a lot of chocolate is what I think of when you say "Sinful Chocolate Cake". Not this small slice.
A lot of chocolate is what I think of when you say “Sinful Chocolate Cake”. Not this small slice predominantly of some white fluff.

I didn’t like it and Haziel was not able to finish this small slice as well. I really thought, based on the name, that would be a decadent cake made of really rich things like – uhm- chocolate? It look’s more like a chocolate mousse cake (with more cream than chocolate) then covered with a thin layer of chocolate ganache. The chocolate parts were good, but I’m looking for more sweetness!

Raspbery and White Chocolate Cream Frostino (not a single grain of coffee)

It's blended cream with absolutely no coffee. You know this isn't mine.
It’s blended cream with absolutely no coffee. You know this isn’t mine.

Haziel loves berries. Plus points if it can be sweet and sour in a good way, like raspberries. She went directly for this but found it too heavy to finish. Thank goodness she only got a primo! The primo is already almost as big as a grande from Starbucks and there are two more sizes after it! If you ever wondered if Costa is second or third wave (if you still had a doubt), the sizes of the drinks alone scream second wave.

The taste was not overly sweet and I actually liked the tartness of the raspberry with white chocolate. My issue with this, aside from not having any coffee, was that it was so thick! It’s hard to get through the straw and kind of clings to your throat.

Flat White

And I get a fern for my flat white. Latte art down to a T
And I get a fern for my flat white. Latte art on a good cuppa. I love it.

The Flat White only comes in a Primo size, which is more than enough. It’s a pretty solid cup of coffee. Perfect for a cold, drizzly evening. It’s not as strong as I would like it but it was smooth and warm. It didn’t taste watery and super milky. I’m thinking this was what made me feel really comfortable in Costa Coffee. I was in a good place, with a good cup of coffee, with the love of my life. It was the perfect evening!


I got to give it to Costa Coffee Philippines for having a strong start. The coffee was good though there are better cups out there. The place is relaxing, when it’s not full of people. And come on! It’s British! Kidding, that doesn’t really matter (or does it?). I loved the overall vibe of the place and that Flat White. I’ll try to get some of those pastries the next time.

No! It's a way of life... I'm really corny. Sorry :(
No! It’s a way of life… I’m really corny. Sorry 😦

Will it make the 2015 top ten coffee list? Who knows! If they keep the coffee that good they’ve got a chance. Have you been to Costa Coffee yet?


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