Eastwood Citywalk 1, Libis, Quezon City
Eastwood Citywalk 1, Libis, Quezon City

The first time I ever ate sisig, I was in college and it was in a small mom and pop joint beside the creek in Mendiola. If you have ever eaten at Uncle Tonton’s you will know how good that is!

That sisig did not have a crispy bit on it (unlike the more popular ones today) but it opened my palate to a whole new world of goodness. I’ve had a lot of the sort since then, including some from Pampanga itself. However, I’ve gotten sick of the taste of the dish lately. It’s basically the same thing every time regardless of the place it’s from. Some places even just serve you bits of Chicharon on a sizzling plate (shout out to Gilligan’s!).

Sisig Society two
Does not really look like a place that primarily serves sisig

This place in Citywalk 1 of Eastwood City, Libis is a game changer. It offers sisig and then some (Sisig Pasta anyone?). They give you combinations aside from the usual onions and chili, things you would have never thought would pair well with the legendary sisig. They have set combinations but you can create your own! They even let you choose your main sisig meat: Pork, Chicken, Seafood, and Tofu. Yes! With careful choices, a vegetarian can enjoy this place!

John Lennon belting out Anak? Awesome!
John Lennon belting out Anak? Awesome!

What is sisig or sizzling sisig? According to good ‘ol Wikipedia it is “a Filipino dish made from parts of pig’s head and liver, usually seasoned with calamansi and chili peppers”. It’s offal boiled, grilled, and served on a sizzling plate that creates more flavors and texture. A raw egg is usually craked on top before serving and the egg gets cooked due to the heat of the plate.

What a spread!
What a spread!

Pork Diablo Sisig

The egg yolk didn't make it... Moment of silence
The egg yolk didn’t make it… Moment of silence

My girlfriend, Haziel, immediately went for the Diablo sisig. Because it sounds like it should be really spicy. It was not. It combines your choice of meat with Bacon, Chorizo, and the Diablo sauce. She asked that the Chorizo not be included since she hates that stuff.

The pork sisig itself is very good. However, the bacon has an overpowering taste that quickly covers everything. And it is salty! The aftertaste is like you just ate a bunch of bacon bits. I have no idea what the diablo sauce is but it was not spicy and again the damn bacon overpowered it. I shudder to think what this would have tasted like with the equally powerful taste of chorizo.

Beer on tap for just an extra 40 Php!
Beer on tap for just an extra 40 Php!

Filipinos nowadays will attest to the fact sisig is the perfect partner for beer. And sisig society offers you a chance to do just that by offering a mug of draft beer for every dish. Just add 40 Php! Helped wash down that salty bacon taste.

Chicken Salsa Sisig

Now that's what I;m talking about!
Now that’s what I;m talking about!

Yes! I ordered salsa with my Chicken Sisig. And it was good!

The chicken was combined with Salsa (just tomatoes and onions), cheese (uh, why?) and red sauce. The freshness of the tomatoes and onions with the red sauce balances out the saltiness and fat from the chicken. The cheese was just overkill. I truly enjoyed eating this sisig dish. I think this would even have worked with seafood or tofu.


Very short review. I have been gone too long, still rusty.

You can get some better sisig and their fancy friends from other restaurants but I think Sisig Society’s edge is their affordable prices. It’s all under 200 Php!

Einstein in a barong eating Scrambol. Wow, just wow...
Einstein in a barong eating Scrambol. Wow, just wow…

It’s strategically placed in the middle of several drinking places (near Rue Bourbon). It offers seats outside for smokers. It offers beer. And you can create your sisig dish (will definitely be trying that next time!). What’s not to like?!

If you’re in the Eastwood area and in a pickle on where to eat, try this place. Who know, you might just have a great time eating sizzling sisig with you special peeps.


  1. If you have ever eaten at Uncle Tonton’s you will know how good that is!

    — I’m a Bedan and I know exactly what you mean ❤ ❤ ❤ The photos look yummy! I will be visiting this place!

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