Evia Lifestyle Center, Daang-Hari Road, Almanza, Las Piñas City
Evia Lifestyle Center, Daang-Hari Road, Almanza, Las Piñas City

This is so far South that I actually thought I was already in Cavite. I wouldn’t have even got here if not for my officemates hijacking me just so they have someone to take pictures of them in front of Evia’s large Christmas during the recent holiday season. Evia There’s really not much special available here yet, dining wise. It’s mostly branches of big names such as McDonald’s, Shakey’s, and Starbucks. But the design of the whole place is so beautiful that you could forgive them for prioritizing profit before everything else. Chibi’s kitchen is located further inside the center. If you haven’t been sucked in to the big Burger king out front, then you could actually enjoy eating at this place.

Ooh, colorful chopsticks!
Ooh, colorful chopsticks!
I got the best one! Kawaii!
I got the best pair! Kawaii!

The whole place is foodie friendly. Even the chopsticks! No disposable bamboo sticks that some people just can’t keep from rubbing against each other. And the coup de grace, free WiFi! But what’s really important is the food. Are theirs any good? Gyoza

A little too teasted there, don't you think?
A little too toasted there, don’t you think?

These are not really good. I mean they’re moist inside the wrapper but have a rather bitter after taste. I guess they put a little too much chives or the heat during the pan frying of the underside was too hot. I wouldn’t really recommend these until they improve it. Buta Shogayaki Teishoku Set

Now that's what I'm talking about.
Now that’s what I’m talking about.

Chibi’s Kitchen has teishoku sets that are give you a bang for your buck (or peso). You get the main dish, a side of miso soup, white rice, salad, and a side dish. This was the Buta Shogayaki set. Their version  is described to be pan-seared pork belly with ginger sauce. The taste is absolutely savory and the pork was so soft that it almost melts in your mouth. The rest of the set: The miso soup is packed full of that umami flavor you expect from well-executed miso soup; The salad was made of fresh veggies that you drizzle with soy and sesame dressing; Their side dishes, I’ve read, change weekly. This particular week they offered eggplant in what I discern was a soy and mirin sauce and a seaweed dish. I’m not really a fan of seaweed but the eggplant was really good! Karaage in Takoyaki Sauce Teishoku Set

What's not to love about this set?
What’s not to love about this set?

I absolutely love karaage! How do you make it better? Add smoky Takoyaki Sauce and Mayonnaise to it! Juicy, succulent, chicken with takoyaki sauce with some katsuobushi (dried, ferment, and smoked tuna bits) to heighten that smokiness. You absolutely have to try this dish! Katsudon Set

Katsudon! The plant box in the table. I told you this place is foodie friendly.
Katsudon! The plant box in the table and the design on that bowl. I told you this place is foodie friendly.

It’s not Yabu grade tonkatsu, but theirs is good enough. The crust on the slice of pork is beautifully gold and crunchy. The pork itself is well seasoned and juicy.  Katsudon! More Katsudon! A donburi set also comes with that good bowl of miso soup, fresh salad, and the side dish of the week. Gyudon Donburi Set

It's a poached egg!
It’s a poached egg!

Truth be told, this was a disappointing version of gyudon. The beef tasted bland. One officemate dumped a crazy amount of chili powder (yes, she added more to that crimson dusting you see in this picture) just to add flavor. I really hope they improve this since I also like myself a good gyudon some times. Ruminations… It was really nice to have been able to come upon this quaint Japanese place this so far at the edge of Metro Manila. It’s such a beautiful place and most of the menu are really good. You have to absolutely try the karaage in takoyaki sauce but feel free to explore their offerings. Chibi's Kitchen 2 I hope that the big name openings in Evia City have ended with those you see at the front of the property. The place is so beautiful that it would be a shame if fast foods just take up most of the spaces. As for you, Chibi’s Kitchen, could you open a location where we don’t need to pay crazy toll fees? Thanks


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